The Gift Kids Foundation

Meeting their various needs -;
Education, Health, Safety and General Welfare..

We are The Gift Kids Foundation which is a family-based support; child focused organization founded in 2005 and are a duly registered NGO/Charity organization No. MIA/NB/2018/03/657, Registration No. INDR13671657DR and with a 5 years operational Permit No. INDP000657/NB


An organization that locates disenfranchised children and youth that express giftedness in academics, arts, social or physical activities and provide them with the resources and opportunities to fully nurture and mature those giftings through love and care.


Availing social, economic and holistic support to all those children and young people who are disadvantaged due to being poor, vulnerable, neglected or just in need to ensure that they attain a better future.


The Gift Kids Foundation’s main reason for existence is to ensure that the category of children in our focus and reach are fully catered for in as far as meeting their various needs that is to say-;education, health, safety and general welfare.


We have deliberately put our focus on a few talented, highly potential and focused children who are needy, vulnerable and desperate for support. This includes mainly children between ages of 3 to 17 years of age but special consideration given to the poor below or above the target age group..

We feel that we have what it takes to bring
change in the lives of the children within our reach

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